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  • November 2009

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    Saturday, November 28, 2009
    Title : hey, tiger lily!
    Time : 9:55 PM

    So, I made a spankin' new blog:


    Uhuh. I'm serious. I'm wandering over to that neat little place, and I expect you to follow me. Did that sound bossy? XD LOL. I promise I'll try my best to keep x-tigerlily my permanent blog. :-bd

    No, I won't be deleting this thing, and the blogroll will remain untouched. ;) It's fine if you delete my link at your blog. But if you want me to link you at my new blog, kindly tag me there. I'll relink you and vice-versa. (:

    ...I used the word "link" too many times in the previous paragraph. o.o

    Hahaha! So that's it, this is the last post for cosmictoilet. See you on the other side. ^^
    Friday, November 20, 2009
    Title : rapapam pam.
    Time : 5:45 PM

    Warning: Long post ahead.

    My eyes are red and puffy. I just cried over a video - a recent Janet Jackson interview. I know, who cries over interviews? But trust me, if you're a true fan of Michael Jackson, you won't be able to help being emotional over his death (for the umpteenth time). Watch it here:

    For some time now, I've avoided material related to his death, because...well, because I didn't want to think about it. I wanted to just embrace the fandom and take delight in his music, everything he gave the world. Hearing Janet say Mike was her closest sibling and that they had a ton of laughs just brings me back to reality.

    He's dead. Every sentence said about him now uses verbs in the past tense. And I have to get over that. I will get over it, eventually. Time heals all wounds, as the saying goes.

    Now about my day, it was...interesting. Very. Ever studied in a school with strict rules yet wild students? Uhuh. In our school, nobody really cares about "regulations". Crackheads fight, smart-asses swear loudly, and nearly everyone brings cellphones and cameras (which aren't allowed). Make no mistake, people in our school have a lot of pride and know when to limit themselves. ;]

    But vandalism? Everyone does that. C'mon. What's so bad about drawing a smiley face on your desk? :> But sometimes things get...uncivilized. Our Science teacher discovered a curious table: written all over it was Eileen's name, and whoever vandalized must hold a huge grudge against her, because he/she wrote that Eileen was a prostitute. Many times.

    We saw the scribbles months ago but never reported them. Eileen didn't care. But this afternoon, we were threatened by a teacher - one of those who have more power - and told us to check our handbooks. Turns out, vandalism is a major offense.

    On the first warning, the student will either be suspended, given a failing conduct grade, or receive probation. OUCH :| We were all strung-up because no one would admit to the crime (we had our suspects, of course) and we'd all be punished. In the end, the teacher gave us a chance and agreed to let us fix the problem ourselves. On Monday, we'll be bringing sandpaper and cleaning materials to scrub off every drop of ink.

    I expect fresh, new writing on the tables the week after next.

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    Friday, November 13, 2009
    Title : twiddledee, twiddledum.
    Time : 9:39 PM

    So, Friday the 13th, eh?

    I'm not superstitious, so it means nothing to me. But the coincidences that circulate around the number 13 (which makes a lot of people even more nervous, LOL) are interesting.
    The supposedly unlucky number, triskaidekaphobes say, is the reason behind the explosion of Apollo 13, which took off at exactly 1:13 p.m. (1313 military time) on 4/11/70 (digits that add up to 13, naturally).
    Cool, right? :o The...number thing, I mean...not the explosion. :| Read more about Friday the 13th: http://j.mp/4sXfyb ;)

    I love prowling the web for stuff to talk about, so here's another thing: Lady Gaga's music video for Bad Romance. I don't fucking care about the hermaphrodite business, I just like her music. XD

    I actually think she looks pretty a lot of times in that vid. I like it when her make-up is toned down. Plus, the ending is creepy! 8D

    On another note, today Alyssa and I went to her place after lunch. There was a PTC meeting at school so we were dismissed after the morning classes. \o/ Alyssa taught me piano basics 'cause I aspire to be a fairly good pianist someday @w@ We took videos of my "first piano lesson" but I dunno if she'll upload them. =))

    Then we watched a DVD her dad bought. Biographies of celebrities! XDXD There were 3 videos about MJ. :) We didn't finish them, though the second one made me sad. =( It was about the time when he went through the child molestation cases. There was an auction held with loads of MJ & Jackson 5 stuff, but nearly no one bought anything if it wasn't $200 or something. D:< And then there were reporters who lived to bring him down. Oh, and that time when he was booed offstage before he could sing a note.

    Makes you wanna go back in time & hit those people. 8-| Hmph. Anywho, we had fun with green hairspray. :> I might post a pic.

    I hope things get better soon. I like my life at the moment. But I can't help it if it fails sometimes. :))

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    Tuesday, November 10, 2009
    Title : pfft.
    Time : 5:10 PM

    Quick little post here. :)

    Okay, I realized TG is finally getting some action. A little. Just a tad. But it's something, and we should be thankful...or not. It depends on how you view things, really. Recently new members began posting on the boards, the usual troll stuff, y'know. Sticky-caps, less than five words, bland insults. Yes, what they say is repetitive and boring most of the time, but still - they're making an effort to get the forum kicking.

    And the drama, God. I admit, I enjoy it. I enjoy reading what people have to say & how differently everyone thinks. But the catfights have got to stop - those that have absolutely no class. No matter who "wins", it'll end up to nothing. Oh, great, you made some kid you met online surrender to you. That's an achievement. :|

    I wrote the last two paragraphs thinking generally, not of specific users. I'm aware some of you may disagree with what I wrote, but there is such a thing as freedom of speech. ;D

    If you have no idea what I'm talking about, good for you.


    Saturday, November 7, 2009
    Title : one love!
    Time : 9:09 PM

    First of all, this image from tumblr is awesome:

    Why didn't I think of that? =))
    But right now, I'm not listening to a Michael Jackson song.

    Instead, I'm listening to Bob Marley - another epic musical genius. <3 Why do epic musical geniuses have to pass away too soon? :(( I admit, I've known Marley longer than I have Michael. Can you blame me? My dad introduced me to Marley's music when I couldn't yet spell my full name right. =))

    A lot of people think that Marley died of drug overdose, but I don't believe he did.
    He died at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in Miami on the morning of May 11, 1981, at the age of 36. The spread of melanoma to his lungs and brain caused his death. His final words to his son Ziggy were "Money can't buy life."
    He was a good man.

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    Friday, November 6, 2009
    Title : cardiology.
    Time : 4:43 PM

    Today we brought hearts to school. Literally. o.o

    The class was split into 4 groups; each had to bring a heart for Science class. One group brought a fish's heart, the other a pig's heart, and another a chicken's heart. We brought a goat's heart - it was extremely difficult to find. Eileen went all the way to Molino to buy one. She had to wait because the goat was still alive...the vendor had to kill it first and get the heart. >_<

    Sorry if it looks gross to you. I was fine with handling the bloody heart during Science but it made me sick to think of the poor goat. :( I have a much-too-soft spot for animals... The goat's heart smelled really bad, though. :| Eileen could barely get it out of the plastic bag. But soon, it was like I became immune to the odor. @__@

    Anyway, we dissected the four hearts and drew what we saw on paper. Next time we'll be dissecting frogs then preserving dead animals. ._.


    Tuesday, November 3, 2009
    Title : sup-ah aye-tin?
    Time : 5:05 PM

    Last night I watched a special edition of MTV's My Super Sweet 16. They renamed it to "My Super 18" and it was Chris Brown's birthday two years ago (I think). I'm not a fan...I mean, I don't like him but I don't hate him either. 8-| LOL anyway, he chose an Off The Wall theme for his party! 8D Now I have to admit that's cool. Anything Michael Jackson-related and is positive at the same time is cool.

    Of course, he's an RnB/hip-hop artist so it was mostly wild dancing and shit. At least they wore fedoras. AND MICHAEL JACKSON GAVE HIM A PHONE CALL! :o In the middle of all the dancing, Chris's manager called him and said, "Michael Jackson on the phone". o__o Everyone went silent. A guy on the other line said, "Could you wait one moment for Mr. Jackson please?" And Chris was like, "Yeah...Yeah, sure!" Then silence. And the guy said, "One moment please," again. Then the line went dead.

    LMFAO. =))

    I laughed hard. xD Chris went all, "Hello? This is Chris. Hello? Hey, hello?" Then he grabbed the mic and told everyone to continue with the party. LOL. Poor guy, MJ didn't get to greet him. :)) Still, if I were Chris, I probably would have hyperventilated just knowing MJ tried to contact me. I mean seriously. Just think about it. =O

    In related news, Orianthi Panagaris, MJ's lead guitarist in This Is It, is becoming really popular fast. *u* It's like everyone's interested in her now. I admit I was curious about her when I saw her in the trailer & when she talked about working with Michael. :) I eventually found her Twitter account but I didn't follow her yet. After watching This Is It, I was convinced she was talented and I finally followed her. And she followed me too, haha! \m/

    Watch Orianthi's new music vid, "According to You", here: [link]

    We got the results of our exams in A.P. and Math today. D: My scores are so low! >_< Well, lower than usual. I'm sure my mom would go ballistic. She can be insane sometimes. =)) My score in A.P. is 70/120, and my teacher said she already gave me a bonus of 10 points. That means my real score is only 60. I nearly failed. /headdesk Btw, I exchanged links with Raizel [link] and Junia [link]. Go visit their blogs 8D That's it for now, bye. :-h

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